Perceived Family and Organizational Support among People with Dwarfism in Tamil Nadu, India: A Qualitative Inquiry


  • Zuvairiya Nassar Bharathiar University
  • Sampath Kumar Srinivasan Bharathiar university



Dwarfs, short stature, Family support, organizational support, challenges


Aims Despite the fact that society has become tolerant and inclusive, people of short stature still experience stigma and discrimination in every aspect of life. The study focuses on the peculiar challenges which extend from household to environmental infrastructure and also aims to understand the significance of family and organizational support to lead an integrated life. Methods The inclusion criterion to purposively select twelve adult participants in the study is that they must be an associate to the organization exclusively functioning for the empowerment of short statured. Data was gathered using semi structured interview guide and thereafter thematic analysis was done. Results Results revealed the existence of wide range of peculiar difficulties encountered daily which extend from household to public spaces, like difficulty in finding cloths which fit them appropriately, strain to cook with their body size, loss of breath in a crowd amongst average sized people, higher chances of heavy vehicle hitting them accidentally etc,. Dwarfs receive support from parents, siblings, partner and children through acceptance, care and emotional assistance to combat their inability and to accomplish their tasks. Organizational support assists them in the aspect of partner selection, career guidance and to voice out for their rights thereby increasing the chances of social integration. Conclusion The combined support of family members and organization is necessary to a dwarf person in order to overcome and cope with the peculiar challenges encountered every day to attain a living with utmost wellness. Limitations The data on the number of dwarfs in India is not available which makes it tough for the future researchers to give equal representations to study their issues and to give an overall generalization.

Author Biographies

Zuvairiya Nassar, Bharathiar University

Area of specialization is disability studies specifically focussing on the persons with dwarfism.

Sampath Kumar Srinivasan, Bharathiar university

Area of specialization is medical sociology , disability studies and gender studies




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