School Readiness For Inclusive Education In Tripura, India


  • Sujata Bhan SNDT Women's University
  • Apoorva Panshikar SNDT Women's University



Inclusive education, India, school readiness


The changing educational scenario in India is seeing a huge emphasis on inclusive education. Efforts are seen in the direction of bringing the children from varied marginalised sections into the fold of inclusive classrooms. Inclusion of children with disability is of crucial importance too. The present study attempted to understand whether the schools in the state of Tripura are ready for inclusive education in its true sense. Data collected from the headmasters/headmistresses of the schools, the school teachers, and the observation of the physical infrastructure were analysed. Results suggest that the schools are far from being ready for inclusion, but are attempting to inch forward gradually.

Author Biographies

Sujata Bhan, SNDT Women's University

Prof. Sujata Bhan is the Head of Department of Special Education at SNDT Women's University, Mumbai. She has 30 years experience of working in the field of Special Education. She is a strong proponent of inclusive education. She has been engaged in capacity building of teachers for inclusive pedagogy.

Apoorva Panshikar, SNDT Women's University

Dr Apoorva Panshikar is a trained Special Educator with two decades of experience of working in the field of Special Education and specializes in Learning Disability.




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