New Book: A look inside the therapy room


I’m Chrissie Henson, a person-centred therapist who lives in Leicestershire. I recently published my first book “A look inside the therapy room”.

 What is your book about?, I hear you ask.

The first part of the book tells my story of living with a disability, Cerebral Palsy and the bullying, work discrimination and challenges I've had to overcome at every point of my life.

 It then goes on to answer the questions I am commonly asked by my clients and people looking for therapy. My aim is to dismiss the fears and taboos associated with therapy.

In the third part some of my clients have shared the experiences that brought them to therapy and their outcomes. These chapters include, young adults and therapy, men and therapy, rejection, and loss, bereavement and suicide, disability and therapy.

 Thought-out the book I ask some “Pause for Thoughts” questions to encourage the reader to reflect on how what they have just read has made them think and how they feel, are they experiencing similar issues themselves.

 Why did I write it?

 My aim is to dismiss the fears and taboos associated with therapy.

 I have been told so many times in my life, I wasn’t capable of doing something or not to expect too much, at every stage I haven’t listened and push the boundaries to see where it takes me.

My hope is to inspire others that live with disabilities or have been told they can’t do something due to their disability, age, gender, race, sexuality, or any other reason, that you can do whatever you want to if you can break down your own barriers, not let others small-minded opinions hold you back and live the life you want and deserve.

My book is available on amazon.

If you would like to know more or wish to contact me you can do so via my website.